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Trademarks represent a company’s primary identity in the marketplace, and therefore are one of the most important assets of a business.  Trademarks embody a company’s goodwill; in the minds of its customers, the essence of a business is conveyed by its trademarks.

Kyle & Associates specializes in trademark law including providing counseling to our clients on trademark selection, performing screening searches to determine trademark availability, all phases of U.S. and foreign trademark application filing and prosecution, post trademark registration maintenance filings, preparing and recording trademark assignments, as well as trademark infringement enforcement and prompt infringement resolution.

We have achieved numerous settlements in trademark cases requiring the infringers to withdraw or change their trademarks and products, as well as pay monetary damages to our clients.  With our experience on both sides of these types of disputes, we are also successful in defending allegations of infringement against our clients. 

We assist our clients in enforcing their trademark rights, while always looking for innovative, cost-effective solutions in enforcing rights and in resolving disputes.


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